Full-Size SUV Rental

Renting a full-size or large SUV in Dubai is a popular option for residents and travelers alike. Unlike smaller cars, SUVs provide ample space for usually up to 7 passengers. They offer a higher driving position that appeals to many people who want to feel safer and in more control behind the wheel. There are many brands and models of SUV to suit different purposes, both for business and leisure. Brands like Chevrolet, BMW, GMC, and Range Rover are highly popular in the mid-range bracket, but Toyota and Nissan are among the economy models for rental in Dubai.

Top tips for renting a car in Dubai

Full-size SUV rental in Dubai is a straightforward process in the vast majority of cases. The best and most cost-effective method is to compare different models and prices online. By doing so, renters can gain the most competitive price possible based on the times and dates they wish to hire.

Although it is possible to arrange hire of an SUV upon arrival in Dubai, this is often more expensive and inconvenient. Travelers cannot guarantee a car will be available if booking at the last minute when on location. Therefore, we recommend booking well in advance using an online service, such as provided by Renty.

When looking to rent a full-size SUV in Dubai, renters should be aware of the variation in prices. Economy SUVs are understandably more affordable than mid-range and high-end prestige models. Having a clear idea of passenger numbers, the amount of luggage, and itinerary of the trip helps when selecting the perfect SUV.

Would-be renters should also ensure they meet the UAE’s criteria for driving. This includes a recognized driving licence, plus a visa and passport (if an international traveler). Most reputable car rental firms can deliver the car to a pre-arranged location, such as the airport, a hotel, or a private residence.

When to book a rental car in Dubai

There are many situations when hiring an SUV in Dubai makes sense. Traveling around the city is arguably easiest and most affordable by car. For leisure travelers wanting to visit the tourist sights, driving provides great freedom and flexibility.

Business travelers may want to rent a large SUV when transporting several business associates, meeting clients, or traveling to exhibitions and conferences. Many premium SUVs from brands like Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and Cadillac give renters a successful, professional image with high safety credentials and the latest tech.

For travel to and from the airport, a full-size SUV provides ample space for passengers — often up to 7 individuals. Many SUVs also have increased room for luggage in comparison to smaller car models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Full-size SUV rental in Dubai is simple, especially when booked online. That said, customers typically have a few questions. Some popular ones are outlined below:

Does the car rental price include insurance?

Car insurance is a legal necessity in the UAE. All rental cars, including SUVs, must come with at least third-party insurance. This is typically included in the overall price, although the rental agreement will contain a breakdown of the costs. Customers should consider upgrading to comprehensive car insurance with a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) for extra financial and legal protection.

What is the mileage limit?

Mileage limits vary according to the terms of the rental agreement. Customers who hire a car for a day will be eligible for fewer miles than those who rent for multiple days. Additional miles can be purchased at the time of rental. Some providers may offer flexible mileage plans for customers wishing to drive further. If a renter goes over the mileage limit, the extra cost is usually due upon return of the vehicle.

Can I rent a car in Dubai and take it to Abu Dhabi or another emirate?

It is entirely possible to rent a car in Dubai and drive to Abu Dhabi — or any other emirate, such as Sharjah or Ra's al-Khaimah. However, it is important that the car rental company is aware of these plans at the time of the sale. This way, they can ensure the most appropriate rental plan is in place. Customers must ensure that they do not travel outside of the UAE.

What’s included and excluded in the rental price?

In the rental price, the included items consist of the hire car itself, a set amount of mileage (or a flexible mileage), basic car insurance, and delivery to a location (if selected). Renters can upgrade their insurance plan to a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Fuel top-ups are not included in the rental price. Any parking or traffic fines are also not included and are the responsibility of the renter.

Which locations would you recommend for a drive in Dubai?

Dubai is a vast, diverse city with many things to see and do for family, friends, and individuals of all ages. Downtown is a must-see destination with the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, set alongside the Dubai Mall. But Dubai Marina and The Palm Jumeirah are also well worth exploring. The city also plays host to many golf clubs, shopping malls, entertainment parks, and white sandy beaches.

Which driving / navigation apps are recommended in the UAE?

RTA Dubai is a must-have smartphone app for when driving in the UAE. It provides an easy way to top-up Salik toll road accounts when on the move. The Dubai Police app is also worth downloading for regular traffic and road disruption updates. Makani is another useful app and helps users to find the precise location of an address (ideal for when driving to large building complexes).

What do I check for in the car rental agreement?

Before heading out on the road, it is important to check the rental agreement is correct. Ensure the right car brand and model is listed, along with the appropriate mileage limit (or flexible mileage) and deposit terms and conditions. Be sure to check the total cost is correct and that there is a clear break-down of fees to pay. Also check the insurance policy and any optional extras are included as requested.